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Basic Server Rules

1. Hacking, Glitching or Cheating will get you banned.

2. No Intentional Teamkilling.

3. Respect All Players.

No Racism

No Excessive Disrespect

No Arguing with Staff. Staff's decision is Final.

4. Logging out before you deposit Hacker Mission money Will Result In.

Loss of the money earned.

Tempt ban if Necessary

5. A player may only own two drones, be it a Stomper and/or Aerial drone. (Falcon, Kabala, Etc.)

    If you are seen using more than 2 drones at any given time, they may be deleted and you may

    be temp banned if the habit continues. If caught repeating the offence after being temp banned, you will be permanently banned.


6. Spawn Island is a restricted location. You may not land on this island, you may not shoot anyone on this island.

    If you are found shooting players here, you will be banned without question.


7. Teamswitching, Or switching from Blufor / Opfor to Indie, with the goal of figuring out players locations, buying vehicles, etc. Will result in a ban.


8. Impersonating Staff will result in a permanent ban, even if it was only a joke.

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